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Same benefits of TITANIUM POWER hydration drink mix packets, now in 24.7 oz. bags with 30 servings that make 4 gallons.
  • All-natural fast-absorbing hydration drink mix (isotonic) specially formulated for power sports (high sweat rates, high resistance and acyclical) that replenishes 5 electrolytes lost through sweat during exercise and rapidly stocks up your muscles with glycogen than can be turned into fuel as needed.



Sodium– Plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients in the gut, maintaining cognitive function and fluid balance, nerve impulse transmission and in muscle contraction.

Potassium– Plays a role in the storage of carbohydrates to fuel your muscles and in muscle contraction.

Magnesium– Helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function, heart rhythm, blood pressure, bone integrity, and blood glucose levels and promotes calcium absorption.

Calcium– Important for strong bones and is required for muscle contraction. Without enough calcium you may experience muscle cramps.

Chloride– Aids in food digestion, maintains healthy blood pressure, and is necessary for proper nerve communication.

Beware of excess electrolytes in your sports drink of choice!

There’s no scientific evidence of your body being able to utilize sodium quantities above 470 milligrams per workout session to keep you effectively hydrated, so beyond that point the excess sodium is just eliminated in the urine, and you are paying for it!

Besides an excess sodium in your sports drink also causes it to taste too salty hindering your fluid intake.

All TITANIUM hydration mixes have the right amount of sodium and other electrolytes to replenish exactly what you lose during workout while keeping our products’ taste delicious!