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Hydration and nutrition for the most intense challenges

From the land of the 11,000 feet cycling climb

Our products are made in Colombia, South America. A land of extreme climate, altitudes, terrain and more. Home of the longest cycling climb in the world: The Alto de Letras, stretching from below 1,600 ft to over 12,000 ft.

Colombia has a long history and tradition of physically challenging extremes in labor, war, and sport. For centuries, to sustain and strengthen their bodies Colombian athletes turned to the gifts of nature in a way only a poor country, with big ambitions could.

The fuel of the warriors

Supercharged with superfoods from the Amazon and the Andes, TITANIUM is the modern incarnation of the food that sustained the laborers, warriors and athletes that forged the Colombian sporting tradition.

Our products use ancestral ingredients such as superfruits, starches, quinoa, chocolate and natural sugars that Colombian wives and mothers sent their young people off to work, fight and compete with.

Our Ingredients

Natural sugars



Dark Chocolate

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