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Everything we do, we believe human potential is limitless.

We exist to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible and unlock the limits of athletic performance. 

We exist to prove the world that everything you set your mind to is possible.


We create superior sports nutrition that helps athletes fuel past their limits to accomplish even their most ambitious goals.

Our products are natural, great-tasting and clinically formulated and scientifically proven to harness the unique power within each athlete and fortify it against fatigue, dehydration and burnout.


All our products are manufactured in Colombia, South America, with top quality local ingredients from the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains, which give them a delicious unique flavor and texture that will be a delight to your palate and that you won't find anywhere else!


Founded in 2015 by Omar Huertas and Camilo Mora, two Colombian chemical engineers with a passion for consumer-packaged goods. 

Omar graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top 1% of his faculty, was recognized as the best chemical engineer in the country and is now our CEO. Camilo was top of his class, has a M. Sc. in Process & Product Development and is now our R&D leader. 

Together they combine more than 20 years of experience in the food industry.


We are backed by leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners, a VC fund that sources, funds, and drives growth of early-stage sports & health tech startups globally. leAD was founded in 2016 by Adi Dassler's grandsons inspired by his legend in the sports industry as the founder of the Adidas brand.


With over 1 million units sold worldwide since 2015, we strive to become the leading endurance energy brand for athletes that envision a world without finish lines and that believe, as we do, that the human potential is limitless.

In TITANIUM, we are advancing competitive potential and athletic performance at every interval of sport. In doing so, we create this world without limits—and we invite every athlete to join us. If you believe in a world without limits where everything is possible, we are the right product for you.